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The Drivers, The Cars & The Wins Bundle

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McLaren - The Drivers 1964-2012 - With a range of highly competitive cars run across a broad spectrum of motorsport categories since 1964, McLaren has attracted many of the world's greatest racing drivers. These are the stories of the most significant of them, from the heroism of Hulme and Dan Gurney in holding the shattered team together in the aftermath of Bruce McLaren's death on 2 June 1970, to the understated assurance of Mika Hakkinen and the brilliance of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button; from the unique victories by Mike Walker in the Formula 3 M4A in 1968 to Neil Allen's Tasman successes, Scooter Patrick's Canam swan song, and Mark Donohue's stellar triumphs in North America. Today McLaren is rightly regarded as one of the greatest racing teams in history, these are the stories of the men who helped to forge that reputation in the crucible of automotive competition.
336 pages, all colour, hardback

McLaren The Wins Book (2011) - It is not until you stop and count up McLaren’s victories, since its inception in 1964, that you truly appreciate the breadth and depth of this amazing marque’s footprint in motorsport. No other racing team can lay this claim to success across such a vast spectrum: McLaren has been victorious in Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3, Formula A/5000, Indycars, Can-Am and Interserie sportscars and at Le Mans. This landmark 320-page, large-format, all-colour 12 x 12 inch hardback publication from award winning Coterie Press does what no other book has ever sought to achieve, painstakingly recording all of McLaren’s historic wins from 1964 until 2010. A great collectors item.

McLaren - The Cars second edition 1964-2011. The second edition of 'The Cars' covers every model produced by McLaren between 1964 and 2011, it features each and every race car, road car and even a 'soapbox'. This 320-page, large-format, all colour 12x12in, hardback publication contains 790 photographs, 85 per cent of which were specially commissioned. With in-depth text on each car, a foreword by Ron Dennis, chapter introductions by McLaren stars Emerson Fittipaldi, Alain Prost, Niki Lauda, Mika Hakkinen and Lewis Hamilton, as well as a comprehensive appendix section covering race results and specifications, this is far more than just a picture book. Produced with the full co-operation and endorsement of The McLaren Group, it is the definitive history of all the McLaren cars. Hardback. 320 pages. Language: English.
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