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McLaren from the Inside

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For fifty years, the name McLaren has been synonymous with winning. Founded by driver Bruce McLaren, the team scored its first grand prix win in 1968 and dominated the Can-Am sports-car series from 1967 to 1971. In the 1970s McLaren captured two Formula One titles and two victories at the Indianapolis 500. Even greater success followed in the ensuing decades as McLaren International, led by Ron Dennis. Today McLaren is one of the defining teams in Formula One, with a record of victories and championships rivaled only by Ferrari.

Author, Tyler Alexander, was there from the very beginning. He was a founding member of Bruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd. in 1964, and was eventually named chief engineer and a team director. While Tyler played a critical role in creating its earliest cars, he was also recording the team's progress through hundreds of vivid photographs taken during spare moments at the track and behind the scenes in the McLaren factory.

McLaren from the Inside collects the best of Alexander's images from two very different eras. Part I covers the team's formative years in the 1960s, through black-and-white shots of Bruce McLaren and company building, testing, and racing cars in England and around the world. Part II captures the high-tech, hypercompetitive atmosphere of today's Formula One, with images taken during the first decade of the 21st century of a new generation of driving talent. From the earliest days to the contemporary era, McLaren from the Inside provides a privileged view by one of the team's original founders.
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